Fear of Falling by S.L. Jennings

Fear of Falling - S.L. Jennings
My Review
Fear. What do you feared the most? is it to be hurt? to be broken into pieces? to be left alone? or to be loved?

Most of the books that I've read nowadays is all about the secret past of the lead characters it differs on what secret they supposed to hide. In this story is all about the abuse that Kami encounter when she was a child and she carries the scars until adulthood. All the while she knew she can handle her past and move on she meets the hot and sexy bartender Blaine, the ever loving Blaine, who's willing to accept and catch her when she falls.

The story is well written, very clear, and heart warming, and not just your ordinary story it tackles a very sensitive topic that most women encounter in their childhood. I love the choice of songs included in the book, I love the part when Kami sang one of the famous songs of Paramore, "The Only Exception" I cried at that part of the book, cause you can feel her struggles and fear and willing to open up just for one more person who can actually save her.

Love, love, love the story I'm hoping to read more books from this talented author! It is simply the best.