The Sea of Tranquility by Katja Millay

The Sea of Tranquility: A Novel - Katja Millay


What will happen when a lonely boy meets an emotionally fragile girl? Can two broken souls heal each other or both will be ruined...


Nastya = Rebirth. Because of the tragic event that happens to her when she was 15 years old, she decided to live with her Aunt Margot to start a new life, to a new school, to a place where no one knows her, where no one expect her to be SOMEONE who she used to be. And to find the boy who killed her.

Josh = Salvation. The boy who lost every person important to him, try to live a NORMAL life, create and build things to occupy the loneliness he feels inside.


Brilliant. Magnificent. Beautiful. Intense. Heart Wrenching. Epic.


I'm very lucky to read one of the most beautiful story ever written in history! Am I exaggerating? Yes I'am. It is not like other stories when boy meets girl, struggles happen, they solved the problem and then they lived happily ever after. 


The Sea of Tranquility is very realistic and very profound. And the way the story is narrated is very clear. Every page is worth the read.

True emotions surfaces from the characters especially from Nastya and Josh. I love their chemistry, both carrying a void in their soul but find comfort in the silence when they are together. Too much emotions evolve the two characters that your heart will soon cried out.


I really really love this story this is the kind of book you will re read over and over again. It is more than better to a TWO THUMBS UP and i will rate it with ENDLESS star.


Staring. Shrugging. Silence.Second Chance.Salvation...