Anna Brookes - In Training: A Hit Series Novella by Margaret McHeyzer

Anna Brookes - In Training - Margaret McHeyzer

Thank you Ms. Margaret for the copy! ❤️❤️❤️ I loved the first book and this novella,

The story is set when Anna was only 15 years old, where she lost her dad and committed her first kill. For such a young age, she choose the dangerous path that not common to other girls. In order to be the best she has to blocked all her emotions and solely focus on her mission: revenge.

I loved woman who can kick some a** and have a very strong personality. Who can be dangerous and sexy as hell, and Anna is a whole package! This novella answers the question what happen when she is abducted at the age of 15. Her training, her hardship, her resolution.

Ms. Margaret you did it again! The story is well written and very clear. I really enjoy reading yours works. Keep it up.